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Amy Sabin


Amy Sabin
Interim Transportation Supervisor


Main Phone: (937) 832-5050

Interim Transportation Supervisor
Amy Sabin: ext. 5067

Interim Admin. Assistant  
 Jennifer Beck: ext. 5058

Admin. Assistant/Payroll
 Cathy Hood: ext. 5069


1. Get to the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

2. When the bus approaches, stand at least three giant steps away from the curb, and line up away from the street.

3. Wait until the bus stops, the door opens, and the driver says that it's okay before stepping on to the bus.

4. If you have to cross the street in front of the bus, walk on the sidewalk or along the side of the road to a point at least five giant steps ahead of the bus before you cross. Be sure that the bus driver can see you, and you can see the bus driver. Do NOT cross until the bus driver lowers their hand, signaling you to cross.

5. When exiting the bus, watch out that your clothes or backpacks don't get caught on the door or handrails.

6. Never walk behind the bus. Instead, walk at least three giant steps away from the side of the bus.

7. If you drop something near the bus, tell the bus driver. NEVER try to pick it up because the driver may not be able to see you.


Northmont has a team of three vehicle maintenance technicians and a fuel attendant to keep our fleet of 50 school buses and 20 auxiliary vehicles in top condition. This team has achieved over 30 years of perfect inspections from the Ohio State Patrol for annual school bus inspections.  These individuals work very hard to make sure the safety of Northmont students is their number one priority.


Northmont City Schools operates a fleet of fifty school buses on daily routes, transporting about 4500 students over 2800 miles on a daily basis. We not only bus students to Northmont's schools, but we deliver approximately 500 students to area non-public schools and MVCTC. To accomplish this daily task we need a cadre of drivers and bus assistants with a sizeable number of substitute staff.

Have you ever considered driving a school bus? A bus driver's normal workday is from 6:30- 9:15 A.M. and 2:30-4:45 P.M. We are constantly looking for a few good substitute drivers to fill in for our regular drivers. You could be that person! If you have children in school this job could be what you've been looking for to supplement the family income. You are working when your children are in school, and you are off when they are off.

We train you for your CDL exam and you are paid while you train. Northmont hires full time drivers from our substitute driver pool. As a regular driver for Northmont you have full time benefits with a part time schedule.  

  • Health Insurance                     
  • Retirement
  • Sick Leave
  • Personal Leave
  • Competitive Wage


COMPLETE AN APPLICATION: Classified Application

Board of Education Office, 4001 Old Salem Rd., Englewood, OH 45322, 937-832-5000