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Finance / Treasurer

Mrs. Ferraro
Ann Ferraro
Office of the Treasurer


Message From Mrs. Ferraro

To the Northmont School Community

I want to thank you for visiting our website. We have developed and structured this section of our site to convey pertinent financial information regarding the Northmont City School District.

I will strive to ensure the information contained herein is not only current but provides you with your desired level of detail concerning the financial functions of the District.  As always, we want to ensure prudent fiscal stewardship and accountability. We are hopeful that this site is helpful in communicating our efforts.

Please feel free to contact my office with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions you have concerning this site.

Ann Ferraro, CPA


Main Phone: (937) 832-5000

  Ann Ferraro: ext. 5008

Assistant Treasurer 
  Beth Owens: ext. 5017

Payroll And Benefits Coordinator
  Christina Glover: ext. 5014

Administrative Assistant, Payroll

  Cyinthia Grimes: ext. 5012

Administrative Assistant, Accounts Payable
  Amy Pryor: ext. 5005

Administrative Assistant, Accounts Receivable
  Teri Stockton: ext. 5013 


Treasurer's Responsibilities


The treasurer reports directly to the Board of Education. The treasurer serves as the secretary to the Board of Education and is responsible for all records produced by and received by her office. The Treasurer is the chief fiscal officer of the Board of Education, the chief accountant, chief payroll officer, chief auditor and investment officer. The treasurer also serves as the quasi-legal advisor to the board on matters falling under her jurisdiction. The treasurer files monthly reports with the Board of Education on all fiscal matters.


Financial Reports


Fiscal Year 2024 Cash Reports:

May 2024

April 2024

March 2024

February 2024

January 2024

December 2023

November 2023

October 2023

September 2023

August 2023

July 2023

Prior Fiscal Year Cash Reports:

Fiscal Year 2023 Cash Report

Fiscal Year 2022 Cash Report

Fiscal Year 2021 Cash Report

Fiscal Year 2020 Cash Report

Fiscal Year 2019 Cash Report

Fiscal Year 2018 Cash Report


Five Year Forecast:

Five Year Forecast May 2024

Five Year Forecast Assumptions May 2024


Student Wellness and Success and Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid Funding Plan





Other Financial News

Moody's Report, February 2023

Moody's Credit Rating May 2021

Moody's Credit Rating March 2020

Moody's Credit Rating October 2019

Moody's Credit Rating August 2017