Know! Teachable Moments

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Know! is a program of the Prevention Action Alliance and offers free newsletters with tips to empower parents.

Healthy Ways to Handle Holiday Stress

To Balance Work and Play

Better Sleep = Better School Performance

How to Ease the Transition Back to School

How Your Parenting Skills Rate

To Hop Off the "Let Them Be Bored" Bandwagon

To Create a Summer Bucket List

You Are NOT Alone

To Keep it Safe This Party Season

To Join the Meditation Movement

Online Predators on the Rise

To Talk About the Attack on the Capitol

To Put Self-Care and Connection into Practice in the New Year

To Steer Youth Clear of Psychedelics

To Prevent Teen Prescription Drug Abuse!

To Positively Connect With Your Teen

To Reassure and Support Children During the COVID-19 Crisis-2

To Reassure and Support Children During the COVID-19 Crisis

The New Line of Nicotine Products Enticing Youth

How to Set Dating Boundaries

Frequent Family Dinners Make a Big Difference

How to Fight Teen Depression

The Red Flags of Teen Depression

Teens are NOT so Footloose and Fancy-Free

Weed Awareness

To Handle Mean Girls and Move On

To Defend Against Mean Girls

Special Alert! E-Cigarettes Aren't Safe

School Lockdowns, Classroom Shelters, & Bulletproof Backpacks, Oh My!

To Pump Them Up for a Successful School Year

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