Strategy 3 (Facilities) Timeline

Last Updated: 4/3/2019 4:43 PM


July 2010

Strategy 3 Team recommends Phase I of Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC)  Project

June 2011

Purchase of land adjacent to Kleptz YMCA

November 2011

5.9 Bond issue approved by voters for new HS & KELC,

A/C of elementary schools, and demo of O.R. Edgington

August 2014

Kleptz Early Learning Center Opens

March 2015

New Strategy 3 Team has first meeting to start discussion on Phase II of the OFCC plan

January 2016

Northmont High School Opens

October 2016

Strategy continues research through guest speakers on curriculum trends and OFCC projects and start work on recommendations for next phase in OFCC project to address remaining buildings

June 2017

Strategy 3 Team gives recommendations on next phase of OFCC project to be shared with community and stakeholders for input through several different methods

February 2018

Update on Strategy 3 process and findings given at Board meeting

March 2018

Individual, in-depth (IDI’s) phone interviews conducted with 17 community leaders to gather perceptions and input on state of the schools

May 2018

Listening sessions conducted with groups of staff and parents to share information and hear their thoughts about state of schools

June 2018

Presentation at Strategic Planning Meeting on findings from IDI’s and listening sessions. Approval given to start working on a community-wide online survey.    

July 2018

An Independent security company, HSI, performed a facilities security assessment for all Northmont buildings and provides recommendations.

February 2019

Update on Strategy 3 process and findings given at Board meeting

March 2019

New website facility page created to provide community with ease of access to additional information and resources

April 2019

Online survey to be launched broadly to gather additional input from parents, staff, and community members to assist with planning for Phase II of OFCC plan