2018 Facilities Research Update

Last Updated: 5/27/2019 3:56 PM

The summer of 2018, Burges & Burges Strategists presented information to the Strategic Planning Team regarding Strategy Three, "We will develop and implement a plan to build, renovate, expand and/or eliminate facilities to support the mission and vision." Click here to view the powerpoint presentation.

Additionally in the summer of 2018, an independent security company, HSI, performed a facilities security audit in all Northmont buildings. The audit not only satisfied a future requirement, but also resulted in several recommendations that the district is in the process of addressing:

*All of the facilities will have additional exterior lighting and cameras installed to improve safety and security.

*The existing exterior lighting will be upgraded to LED, thus resulting in greater energy efficiencies.

*Uniform secondary locking devices will be installed in all classrooms to provide an additional layer of security for our students and staff. Because the device is the same in all buildings, travelling staff and substitutes will also know how to properly use them.

These projects are part of Northmont's Strategic Plan to improve facility security, and will aid law enforcement in efforts to protect students, staff, and facilities.